Coin City

A slot-machine city-builder developed by Ember Entertainment, Inc. available on iOS and the Google Play Store.

The player spins the slot machine to earn resources and attack their friends, then uses those rewards to build their way through a series of unique cities.

2D Level Design Intern

• Planned and built new cities in Unity with a focus on novelty and achievement

• Connected each of my cities to the multiplayer systems and UI through Lua scripts

• Coordinated with other designers to ensure that my cities fit in the level progression

City Screenshots

Below are a series of screenshots that show the cities I worked on in the various states that they might appear in the game.

Each city is comprised of 3-5 "blocks," which are comprised of a road system and several small buildings that contribute to the block's theme. For each of these buildings, the space they occupy starts as undeveloped land. By investing in the building, the player progresses the building through various stages of construction. After getting all the buildings in a block to their final stage, the player moves on to the next block.

With all this in mind, I first planned each city block according to theme and available screen space. Next, I built 4-8 unique states for each building, along with "damaged" versions that are used when another player attacks. All of these states were connected to both a city manager object in Unity and an accompanying Lua script. All together, a city often comprised over 100 unique states.

City 8

City 10

City 13