Skeletron.exe is a first-person shooter developed in Unity over one semester. In a cyber city overrun by skeletons, the player must blast their way through buildings and rooftops to reach the corruption's source.

Level Designer

  • Blocked out 8 environments using ProBuilder in Unity 3D

  • Designed a 3-phase boss encounter to test the player's skill with all mechanics and against all enemy types

  • Worked with the System Designer to plan the game's enemies, environments, and overall progression

  • Built each encounter with enemies, layouts, and props that develop targeted mechanics.

  • Playtested the game regularly to improve both my own work and my teammates'

Full Playthrough

Level Design Explainer


Progression Curve Planning Document


Pre-Production Level Sketches

RunShootLevelSketches 2.pdf

Test Environments and Iterations

Final Environments