About Me


• 6+ years of game design experience

• 6+ years of Adobe Suite (Photoshop, InDesign)

• 6+ years of Unity experience

• 6+ years of C# experience

• 5 years of Git, Perforce, and SVN

• 3 years of Maya Experience

• 1 year of C++

• Familiarity with Unreal Engine 4

• Familiarity with Lua 

Enoom, 2018


• Graduated from DigiPen Institute of Technology as Valedictorian with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design in 2021

• Minored in both Psychology and English

Me, my fiance Jake, and our dog Chunk


Whether I knew it or not, games have been a constant presence in my life. From acting out wild stories with our LEGO sets to playing Kirby: Air Ride until far past our bedtime, my two brothers and I were always entranced in one fantastic world or another.

As I got older, my creativity primarily manifested through music: I started playing the guitar when I was 10 and the violin when I was 12. To this day, playing these instruments helps me manage stress and express myself in ways words can't.

During my high school years, I struggled to figure out what type of career I wanted. I had a knack for history and writing, so I spent most of those years assuming I'd end up studying International Relations or Political Science in college. 

In my junior year of high school, however, I discovered the Metal Gear Solid franchise, and it changed my life. Metal Gear Solid 2 left an especially strong impact on me, as the protagonist, Raiden, struggles to find his purpose in life. At the end of the game, Solid Snake advises him to find something he believes in and pass it on others. That line has stuck with me ever since, and I decided to learn how to make games to do exactly that.

At DigiPen, I developed skills I never imagined I would have, and met friends who inspired me with their passion and devotion. In just four short years, I went from knowing very little about game design to embarking on my career.

Since graduating, I worked at BebopBee, Inc. on their match-three mobile game Travel Crush. At the start of 2022, I got the incredible opportunity to join the team on The Walking Dead: Empires at Gala Games, which is where I've been ever since. In this role, I've had tons of opportunities to further my design knowledge. From architecting the game world to pioneering new systems, I feel that I have grown so much over my time at Gala.